Thursday, October 2, 2014

Triscuit hot d'ourves

 When I go to Italian restaurants my favorite part of the meal is the bread… but only when I can also get a saucer with olive oil and condiments on the table. With a little mixology of tabletop ingredients I concoct a delicious hors d’ourve. 

  At home for a tasty snack or to serve to guests (if I should ever have them!) I found an easy way to create a similar appetizer guaranteed to get ooh’s and ahh’s from your guest - or at least your belly! 


Box of Roasted Garlic Triscuits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Cup Parmesan Cheese

1/3 Cup Garlic Powder (about 18 Tbspn)

2 Tbspn Crushed Red Pepper

2 Tspn Salt

1 Tspn Pepper


  In a bowl combine Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Pour mixture into individual containers for serving, such as a cup or a saucer although if you are having guests you can use a single plate too if you don’t mind the occasional guest who “double dips”! If you’re unaware what “double dipping” is, it is when another person dips their chip or cracker in the communal dip or sauce or mix, takes a bite then dips the chip again - just give this person their own container of dip or sauce!

  Next pour the extra virgin olive oil into a separate container or containers. Make sure there is enough to allow the cracker to be partly immersed (or baptized! lol) in the oil. Finally place Triscuits on a plate or platter and serve. 

  To eat just dip a Triscuit in the oil (I like to let it drain a little before I take it out) then put it in the dry mixture making sure both sides are coated. There might be a little clumping of the mixture on the cracker but that is okay. Now chow down! 

  This is the mixture that I use although I encourage you to refine it to your own tastes - if you like less or more garlic powder or crushed red pepper then adjust to taste. Also, Triscuit brand makes many different flavored crackers so experiment and try some others. I think I’m going to try the roasted tomato and olive oil flavored ones next!


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